Between the Waves

by jhimm

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"First realization of quality multi-instrumentalist Jhimm offering compositions with unstoppable melodic lines" - musicwaves review

"Fans of Kevin Moore (Chroma Key), Porcupine Tree, Pink Floyd, Genesis, OSI, etc., will find something very appealing with Between the Waves. The production is top notch. Buy it now!" - Amazon customer review

"jhimm has certainly produced a fine album. He is a gifted multi-instrumentalist and great songwriter, and I hope his talent does not go unnoticed for much longer. In my opinion, jhimm sounds like a wondrous blend of Pink Floyd, Peter Gabriel, and Coldplay- a softer, mellow art rock that truly is a pleasure to listen to. Even if you appreciate harder rock or metal, you will not be disappointed by this album." - progarchy review

Video with lyrics for 'Outside the Box' created by DimitriadisTasos.

Video with lyrics for 'Falling Down' created by Jason Himm.


released January 10, 2014

Lyrics and Music by Jason Himmelberger
All instruments and vocals by Jason Himmelberger



all rights reserved


jhimm Naugatuck, Connecticut

Jason Himm is a Connecticut based musician who writes and records in his home studio in northern New Haven county. Jason is a keyboard player and has been experimenting with recording for over 22 years and has worked professionally with many local and national acts. His influences stem from the progressive rock genre and include artists such as Peter Gabriel, Pink Floyd and Genesis among others. ... more

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Track Name: Outside the Box
Sad old man sits in his room, counting the things he owns.
Found a box half full of memories. Life he used to know.

Once a poet so debonair, words would flow like rain.
The drought that plagues his fragile mind, and words...would never come again.

And he knows, and he sees what he is now

Pictures in the box, face of a happy man.
Love letters and trinkets, gifts from long lost friends.
His arrogance and ego drove them all away.

In his heart a cancer grows, derived from loneliness
There's no life outside that box, no hope...there's nothing left to say.

And he knows, and he sees what he is now
Track Name: Different Eyes
Hold your breath. Stay your words. Just sit and listen.
I hear your point, see your view, but something's missing.
Just because we don't agree, it's not the end
Of the world, of our lives. This makes no sense.

We can choose to fight, to have it out or find another way.
We can see the world through Different Eyes today.

Face to face, eye to eye, the battle's hard.
Draw your lines, resupply, then play your card.

And I hear your side, I shake my head and firmly disagree.
I don't expect from you the same resolve as me.

Find another way.
Through Different Eyes today.

He yells, she cries.
She accuses him of lying 'bout the money he spent.
They've been at this for hours.

Cover my head with the pillow.
Doesn't seem to help.
I think of Disney.
Can't they deal with this another day. Another day. Another way.

Find another way.
Through Different Eyes today.

And the damage done to little ones is irreversible.
We should try and change and find a better way.

Find a better way.
Through Different Eyes today.
Track Name: About to Fall
You can lose your grip on life
You can spiral down
And the emptiness inside you
Can pull you to the ground

You didn't make the choice
You let the choice make you
And sometimes just surviving
Is all you can do. All you can do

And you'd like to make a change
But you know it's not your call
You're standing on a ledge
And you're about to fall

I can see you suffering
I know you're losing control of everything
You could break it and get yourself a job
You could shake it. We'll all be here for you....if we have the time

And you have to make a change
We know it's not your fault
You're balanced on the edge
And you're about to fall

I've lost my grip on life
Begun to spiral down
And the emptiness inside me
Pulls me to the ground

I didn't make the choice
I let the choice make me
I guess I'm just survivin'
It's all I can do. All I can do

And I have to make a change
I know it's not my call
I'm standing on the edge
And I'm about to fall
Track Name: Part of Nothing
Within the darkness, there is light
Within the coldness, there is warm
Among the others, you are strange
And within the shelter, you are safe

And you feel you're part of something
There must be more for you

Your eyes are looking swollen
Those pills will take their toll on you

Your skin is looking pale
Your clothes are smelling stale on you

You fail in social settings
These times are worth forgetting, you

You say the end is near
The future's crystal clear for you

And you feel you're part of nothing
And I feel the same way too

And inside your fragile mind
You fear the memories you will find
It's where you learn
To live within, to live without

Spaces in the shed
And they're all inside your head
Don't you know, it's what your life is all about

And inside your restless mind
There's another hill to climb
Climbing up to the top of the world

You know it's not your call
You're afraid you're gonna fall
You don't know what your life is all about
Track Name: Between the Waves
I was young when I went blind
Couldn't see the truth right before my eyes
Spent some time alone, fading into...
Life Between the Waves, waiting for the tide

Further the under, deeper the blue...
Track Name: Waiting for the Tide
Track Name: Everyday Dying
I can see it in your eyes
You didn't realize
Living life is easy when you're young

Watch the hours fade away
Into another day
And now you find yourself at 41

Take the time
Live your life
Every day, dying...

The mirror doesn't lie
You need to say goodbye
To the face you knew just yesterday

Living life between the waves
With nothing left to say
Waiting for the tide to wash away

Take the time
Live your life
Every day, dying...

Take the time
Live your life
Another day, dying...
Track Name: Falling Down
waiting for the light of day to chase the dark away and push the pain aside
I can't help but turn away from the headlines of the day. hope is taken with the tide

I feel like I'm falling

searching for the words to say to take the hurt away and push the fear aside
I can't help but feel betrayed, our humanity's decayed. trust is taken for a ride

I feel like I'm falling

falling down

restlessness, waiting for the light of day
emptiness, searching for the words to say
helplessness, I can't help but turn away
hopelessness, and I can't help but feel betrayed

I feel like I'm falling, the situation's calling for a change

falling down